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Ms Tatiana Yanguas joined the ACWL in October 2015. As Counsel at the ACWL, she assists developing countries in WTO dispute settlement proceedings before the WTO Appellate Body, panels and arbitrators, and provides legal advice on WTO matters ranging from trade in goods to trade in services and intellectual property rights. She also participates as an instructor in WTO capacity-building activities, including academic seminars in cooperation with the WTO, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Central American Integration System, and the International Trade Centre.

Before joining the ACWL, Ms Yanguas was a China Programme Intern at the Accessions Division of the WTO, where she worked as Co-Secretary of several Working Parties leading to the accession of different countries to the WTO and contributed to the development of the Post-Accessions Best Practices. In 2014, she was selected to join the Premium Honours Programme for Excellent Master Law Students in Commercial Mediation at Maastricht University. In 2013, she was involved in the preparation of academic conferences at the Institute for Direct Democracy of the University of Dresden (DISUD). In 2012, she interned at the Colombian Embassy in Berlin, where she participated in Human Rights accountability programmes and provided legal counsel on Cooperation Agreements between Colombian and German cities and organizations.

Ms Yanguas, a national of both Colombia and Brazil, holds an LL.M. degree in International Trade and Investment Law (cum laude) from Maastricht University; an LL.B. in Law in Context with a specialisation in International Law from the Technische Universität Dresden; and an LL.B. in Law from the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja. She is fluent in Spanish, English, German, Italian and Portuguese and has a good understanding of French.


Ms Yanguas Acosta’s publications include:

  • Determining the Reasonable Period of Time for Compliance (2020), Practical Aspects of WTO Litigation, edited by Marco Tulio Molina Tejeda, Kluwer Law International.
  • Challenging Unwritten Measures in the World Trade Organization: The Need for Clear Legal Standards (2019), Journal of International Economic Law, volume 22(3), in collaboration with Cherise M. Valles and Vitaliy Pogoretskyy.
  • China – Cellulose Pulp: China’s Quest to Satisfy WTO Panels and the Appellate Body (2019), World Trade Review, volume 18(2), in collaboration with Kara Reynolds.
  • Overview of WTO Jurisprudence in 2016 (2018), European Yearbook of International Economic Law 2018, edited by Marc Bungenberg et al., Springer, in collaboration with Jan Bohanes, Panagiotis Kyriakou, and Christian Vidal-León.
  • Ask for the Moon, Settle for the Stars: What is a Reasonable Period to Comply with WTO Awards? (2017), World Trade Review, volume 16(2), in collaboration with Petros Mavroidis, Niall Meagher and Tom Prusa.
  • Geographical Indications in the Accession Landscape (2017), Trade Multilateralism in Twenty-First Century: Building the Upper Floors of the Trading System, edited by Alexei Kireyev and Chiedu Osakwe, WTO and Cambridge University Press.
  • Third Parties in WTO Dispute Settlement (2017), Journal of International Trade and Arbitration Law, volume 6, special issue, in collaboration with Christian Vidal-León.
  • From ‘Standard-Takers’ to ‘Standard-Makers’: Developing Countries and Least-Developed Countries’ Perspectives in the Harmonization of Technical Regulations Through International Standards (2016), Global Trade and Customs Journal, volume 11(9), in collaboration with Vitaliy Pogoretskyy.

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