External Counsel

In addition to assisting its Members and LDCs directly through its staff, the ACWL also provides support through external legal counsel. WTO dispute settlement proceedings between developing countries, including those entitled to the ACWL’s services, are increasingly common. The ACWL can provide direct support to two parties involved in the same proceeding that have compatible objectives, for instance as co-complainants. When parties pursuing incompatible objectives request the support of the ACWL on the same matter, however, the ACWL’s staff normally assists the party that first requested advice. The ACWL provides support to the other party through external counsel.

The following law firms and individuals have agreed to provide their services according to the terms and conditions established by the Management Board Decision ACWL/MB/D/2007/8.

Law Firms


Mr. Edmond McGovern

Mr. Haneul Jung

Mr. Donald McRae

Mr. Thomas Sebastian,
Monckton Chambers

Mr. Greg Somers

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