The ACWL’s Report on Operations for 2015 is now available on the ACWL’s website.

The Report explains how the ACWL fulfils its mandate to ensure that WTO Members that lack the legal capacity or resources to do so on their own are, nevertheless, fully and equally able to participate in the WTO legal system.  The Report notes some important milestones that took place in 2015:  the ACWL provided its 200th legal opinion on issues of WTO law to its developing countries and the LDCs.   The ACWL has now provided 2114 legal opinions since its inception in 2001.  These legal opinions help developing and least-developed countries participate fully in the WTO legal system by increasing their understanding of WTO law and enabling them to defend their interests in the WTO.  The ACWL’s legal advice also serves an important dispute prevention function by enabling these countries to ensure the WTO-consistency of their trade-related measures.

The ACWL received four requests for assistance in WTO dispute settlement proceedings and has now participated in 49 dispute settlement proceedings – approximately 20 per cent of all WTO disputes in that time.   During 2015, the ACWL’s team of 10 lawyers  participated in 9 different dispute settlement proceedings.

The ACWL expanded its premises in 2015 by adding an annex containing additional conference room space and videoconferencing facilities.   This has enabled the ACWL to expand its training activities both for delegates in Geneva and for capital-based officials.   The ACWL’s Annual Training Course for Geneva-based delegates included both a Moot Court Competition and an optional exam.   The ACWL’s Secondment Programme continued to provide a unique opportunity for government lawyers from developing and least-developed countries to gain hands-on experience and training in WTO law.

The Report also describes the ACWL’s outreach activities and other aspects of the ACWL’s operations.

Printed copies of the Report will be available in the coming weeks and will be sent to ACWL Members and to the LDCs entitled to the ACWL’s services. The ACWL will also be pleased to provide printed copies of the Report to other interested institutions or persons. To request a printed copy, please send an e-mail stating your name and mailing address to

If you have any questions regarding this Report or the operations of the ACWL, please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Director or any other ACWL staff member using the following standard email format: Enquiries may also be addressed to

Report on Operations for 2015 (pdf)

8 April 2016

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